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Discover the best products and services for safety and ease of travel, including Wellness, Fashion, Insurance, Mobility, and much more.

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The Ageless Ambassador Progrm nurturess your timeless skills, energy, and compassion and advocating for volunteering in a rapidly changing world.

Have the Know-How, Health, and Resources to Travel All Your Life

Our podcast, blog and webinars cover topics important to the lifelong traveler

  • Travel safety with adventure for Lifelong Learning
  • Trips with new travel companions when friends no longer travel.
  • Unique couples trips if one of you has a mobility or other physical issue.
  • The means to travel even on a tight budget or fixed income…even make money while you travel!
  • Longevity and wellness travel to get and stay healthy.
  • The know-how and courage to visit remote and exotic places.
  • Find your roots, renew marriage vows, and bring your skills to those who need you most.
  • A chance to live out your dreams: to be an archaeologist, chef, writer, artist, or musician; whatever!

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Embark on a journey that goes beyond exploration – We bring unparalleled value to your travel experience. Here’s how we ensure every moment of your adventure is enriched with unforgettable benefits:

Pre-Trip Inspiration: Join us for captivating Pre-Trip Zoom Meetings, where we build connections and introduce our Ageless Traveler Fitness Coach, who unveils the secrets of equipment-free workouts. Dive into the world of culture with our exclusive Culture Vulture Review, delving into current museum exhibitions, festivals, theater, and art.

Enriching the Journey: While on tour, our expert presentations cover a wide array of topics, including Ageless Living, Voluntourism, travel memoir writing, travel blogging, second homes abroad, and starting a business. These insights will transform your trip into an opportunity for growth and discovery.

Post-Trip Reflection: After the adventure, we gather for Post-trip Zoom Meetings to share cherished memories and reviews. Our dedicated Wellness Coach guides you back to your routine, offering invaluable advice on fitness and nutrition.

Ultimate Relaxation: For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, our Spa and Beauty-On trips take you to hot springs and spa destinations. Meet our world-renowned spa consultants in a pre-trip meeting designed to help you make the most of your spa experience.

Experience travel like never before – with us, it’s not just a journey but a life-enhancing expedition. Join us today and discover the world’s hidden treasures while enriching your life along the way.

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  • Meet new travel companions
  • Travel in the luxury and comfort you demand.
  • Enjoy culinary experiences even with food restrictions or special diets.
  • Visit novel venues and refresh your travel curiosity.
  • Luxury Travel & Voluntourism
  • Wellness Journey & Second Honeymooms
  • Retreats and Pilgrimages
  • Exotic Travel & Safaris
  • Grandparent Trips
  • UNESCO Sights & Natural World Wonders

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