Unlock Your Potential

Inspire Change and Make a Global Impact

At The Ageless Ambassador Program, We:

Empower, inspire, and train individuals to become competent, enthusiastic volunteers poised to seize opportunities for global volunteering, fostering understanding among people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Our program is your gateway to unleashing your timeless skills, boundless energy, and innate compassion.

Age Should Never Be a Barrier to
Meaningful Service

In retirement, while some may seek a well-deserved break, we encourage you to keep your skills sharp and adapt to the rapidly changing, technology-driven world. 

Our strategy is simple but profound

Building a Vibrant, Intergenerational Community

Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for travel, service, and personal growth.

Igniting Your Life Missions

Discover your unique life mission(s) and gain clarity on your path through our inspiring community.

Empowering You Beyond Limits

Participate in online courses and enriching retreats designed to boost your communication, diplomacy, and productivity beyond your usual capacity.

Accessing Voluntour Opportunities

Explore a world of volunteer tourism opportunities that are not only affordable but also deeply compelling.

Share Your Wisdom and Experience

Give back by sharing what you’ve learned and experienced through local and community programs.


The Ageless Ambassador Legacy Program supports individuals and families in establishing charitable entities and donor-advised funds, providing tax and legal benefits to further your mission.

For organizations looking to create their in-house volunteer programs, we offer a Tailored Program. It’s a partnership that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Become an
Ageless Ambassador

The program is free for individuals.

The Ageless Ambassador Program  is offered as a pilot project to senior centers and to corporations in the US and UK as part of their pre-retirement program.

Adriane’s Volunteer Background

When she turned 65 Adriane began a robust journey into volunteerism and voluntourism.

Adriane is one of five-in-the-world Representatives from the International Federation on Ageing to the United Nations

She is the host of On The Ground, the Podcast of the UN’s Global NGO Executive Committee, an Editor and recurring Contributor to the Newsletter of the NGO Committee on Ageing New York, Facilitator at Good Grief for children who lost parents early in life, Art Education and Community and Family Engagement Volunteer Coordinator at the Palm Springs Art Museum, frequent lecturer to non-profits on communication for advocacy, and communicating in a digital world, original Executive Director of the Kitalys Institute for the delay and prevention of age related disease.

She is dedicated to giving every person the opportunity for fulfilling volunteerism at the highest level.