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Stuart Bochner:

The journey is sometimes better than the destination. 

Stuart Bochner is a Human GPS. He can find any place on earth and find it fast. He creates itineraries, ferrets out hidden treasures, and puts you in total control. Stuart's retirement life is devoted to helping The Ageless Traveler curate and visit the very best destinations and develop great ways to get there.

In his past life, Stuart was an attorney and entrepreneur specializing in management, technology, publishing, and web/internet presence.

He has contributed to numerous books, articles, and manuals, including The Totally Awesome Money Book, The Totally Awesome Business Book, Critical Path Success, and Murder Ink.

Stuart was the publisher and editor of "Wealthbuilder Newsletter" from 1990
to 2006 and the "WealthBuilder Stock Alert Service" from 1999 to 2005.