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At The Ageless Traveler, we have perfected the art and science of understanding and catering to the expansive boomer and older adult markets. With 78 million boomers in the U.S. alone and a global population of over one billion, these demographics hold immense potential for businesses worldwide. Our approach involves grasping the unique needs, preferences, and perspectives of this demographic to unlock opportunities worth $157 billion annually in the travel sector alone.

Understanding "Lensing"




Lensing is our proprietary process of evaluating products, services, itineraries, staff training and design projects through the lens of mature and boomer travelers. By adopting this approach, tourism-related businesses can ensure alignment with the expectations and desires of this lucrative market segment.

From hotels to Tourism Boards, tour operators, medical tourism venues, and transportation, our lensing methodology ensures every aspect is tailored to meet the needs of older travelers, ultimately leading to enhanced experiences and increased profitability.

What Your Company Gains from Lensing




Imagine being able to view your business through the eyes of your target market. With lensing, this becomes a reality. By understanding the decision-making processes of boomers and mature adults, businesses can make informed decisions regarding design, marketing, and concept development. This insight translates into a larger market share, improved customer loyalty, and better strategic investments.

How We Work Together




Our collaboration begins with a no-charge discussion to understand your specific needs, market objectives, and existing resources. Based on this assessment, we offer tailored solutions ranging from snapshot lensing for quick evaluations to ongoing consulting engagements. Whether you're planning a new build or seeking to enhance existing operations, our team is equipped to support your journey towards age-friendly excellence.

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The Ageless Traveler/WTN

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Are you in the tourism industry and keen on capturing the business of the 60+ Traveler?

The Ageless Traveler/WTN Certification Program sets new standards across all tourism sectors, addressing issues like age-friendly technology, staff training, accessibility design, and itinerary creation. Join us in bridging the gap and delivering exceptional tourism experiences to the 55+ Traveler demographic.

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