Risa Olinsky:

A certified personal trainer and wellness-coach, consultant and speaker.

Risa is the author of the compilation: WHY WALK? On Amazon

She is the president of a non-profit organization that promotes
long-distance walking for all ages.

Risa has expertise in weight and stress management and designing walking programs for both individuals and groups.

She is a dynamic motivational speaker for corporate events, association conferences,
professional and charitable organizations. In addition, her advanced degrees, certifications and more than 40 years of experience in the wellness industry qualify her to provide continuing education credits for educational programs and professional

She created and launched the original wellness coaching program for New Jersey's Atlantic Health's Integrative Medicine's department. A former citizen blogger for the New York Times, her work has also been featured in Newsweek, Chicago Tribune and Rodale Press publications. For fun, Risa does what some might call "extreme" walking and challenges herself with sprint triathlons; swimming, biking and "fast" walking, instead of running.