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Do you have body or joint pain?
Are you concerned that you cannot walk pain-free as you travel?
Do long airplane rides make you physically uncomfortable?
Here is a solution that works for us.
Intelligent Threads, tee shirts, socks, pants, sheets, and more are the best wearables to reduce those aches from travel, sports, or everyday life.
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Balconista, is a revolutionary solution that brings the luxury of a hotel experience to your own balcony.
Balconista offers an ingeniously simple yet effective solution, featuring exquisitely designed chairs, a stylish serving ledge, and a champagne bucket holder that effortlessly attaches to your balcony railing. Assembly is a breeze - my husband managed it in just 30 minutes, despite being far from a DIY expert.
Bringing the Luxurious Balconista Experience to Your Home
While Balconista primarily serves high-end stores and prestigious home builders, I recognized the potential for individuals like us who share my desire for hotel-inspired luxury in their own space. In a unique collaboration, the Balconista company has agreed to make this exceptional product available to you through The Ageless Traveler. With Balconista, you can effortlessly host gatherings of 10-15 people on a tiny balcony, turning your balcony into a lavish venue reminiscent of high-end hotel terraces.
Balconista is available in three colors: pristine white, elegant black, and a chic tan. I opted for the black version to match the champagne bucket holder. There is no party, in  my opinion without some sort of bubbly.
Elevate your home entertainment experience with Balconista, and let your home exude the luxury and opulence of a high-end hotel. Cheers to a lifetime of elegant soirées!

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Adriane's 5-Minute Recipe for Impactful Speech.
It Is Time to be Heard!
Introducing the first communications course developed exclusively for Baby Boomers that gives you the tools to move, touch, and inspire by mastering impactful speech.
Find your voice through a proven recipe that will help you Speak Out!

Use this winning formula and Speak Out! with impact

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Luggage Free was created to specialize in efficient luggage delivery. They focus on nothing other than you and your luggage shipping experience. The difference is evident from your first call all the way through final delivery.
Your luggage is handled to any destination, worldwide, to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming bags - even going through customs. On-time delivery is guaranteed, allowing you the ability to avoid unnecessary aggravation, save time, and protect your possessions - simply and in style.
You pick up the phone. Luggage Free will pick up, wrap up and ship your luggage there and back.
Luggage Free delivers door-to-door anywhere in the United States as well as to over 120 countries worldwide.
Shipments are insured for up to $1,000 as part of the service, with unlimited additional coverage available. As each shipment is delivered, you are notified via the method of your choice, outlining time of delivery and name of recipient, allowing you the ability to travel with the piece of mind of knowing that your luggage is waiting for you.

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Explore global cultures with twice-weekly live-streamed guided walks. Our Award-Winning Travel Club for armchair explorers, allows individuals and groups to enjoy live, guided tours in 100+ cities from the comfort of their homes or community.
Virtual tours are interactive and dynamic, led by our 87 passionate local storytellers.
Each tour is unscripted, unedited, and immersive, ensuring "Wow" moments, where you can ask live questions, and enjoy shared local recipes, maps, music, books and movies, together with other like-minded travelers.
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Identify solutions to traveling with visible or invisible disabilities
Speak with Carol or one of her team of experts on the phone or online to to identify the barriers that are preventing you from booking and enjoying your dream holiday.
Following completion of their Freedom to Choose Package you will have a personalized recommendation of the
• Right type of holiday for you
• Optimal choice of travel for you
• Any specific support required to enable you to have the freedom and confidence to travel
If you want somebody to manage the entire holiday process for you, then find out about the other comprehensive services Carol and her colleagues offer.
Take advantage of their 30 min FREE SESSION and see how Carol and her colleagues can enable and empower
you to start your journey to enjoy time away and discover new destinations with freedom and confidence.

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Yes, you can meet personally with the Ageless Traveler Wellness Coach, Risa Olinsky.
Risa put Adriane on the road to physical well-being, which has lasted for 25 years!
Speak with Risa  online or by telephone, to determine your needs and fulfill your goals in an atmosphere of fun, compassion, and success. Please take advantage of a 30-minute free session and see what it means to your wellness.
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Want to sculpt your body with no surgery through gently paced exercise?
Meet Ageless Traveler's Mindfulness and Fitness Guru, Elena Popova Lamb.
Her videos and live stream classes keep you fit even during extended trips or at home.
Her integrated mind-body program includes toning, stretching, and meditation sessions, helping to build body intelligence, tune into our attention, and increase body awareness for excellent physical and mental health.
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