Do you love pickleball and would like to improve your game? Or, like me, are you wondering what it's all about? Meet Coach Russell Elefterion, a certified pickleball professional and a prominent figure in the pickleball community. He works with the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department in Tampa, Florida, and is the driving force behind the Sunset Pickleball Bootcamp at Montreat.

We explore the sociable nature of pickleball, its broad appeal to active adults, and the sport's gentle impact on the body compared to tennis. Coach Russell generously shares invaluable advice for pickleball newcomers, covering equipment recommendations and ways to discover local pickleball courts. He also highlights the advantages of becoming a member of the USA Pickleball Association and underscores the critical role of hand-eye coordination in mastering the sport. The episode wraps up with information about Coach Russell's sought-after boot camp and the exciting Road Scholar pickleball tour in Quebec.

Key Takeaways:

·        Pickleball's Popularity: Explore the reasons behind pickleball's explosive growth, rooted in its social appeal, cross-generational draw, and increased media coverage.

·        Beginner-Friendly: Pickleball is a beginner-friendly sport, making it accessible for active adults

·        USA Pickleball Association: Discover the benefits of joining this association and tips for finding local pickleball facilities.

·        Boot Camps: Coach Russell's boot camps are a valuable resource, focusing on essential skills like serving, returning, and volleying.

·        Understanding Scoring: Uncover the intricacies of pickleball scoring, a must-know for anyone aiming for success in the sport.

·        Pickleball Trips: Explore the excitement of pickleball trips, like those organized by Roads Scholar, providing play and skill improvement in new destinations.


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