Join us as we explore the dynamic realm of AmeriCorps Seniors with extraordinary programs designed to revitalize the passions and skills of our elder generation. Discover how these initiatives are breaking down age barriers and helping seniors thrive while giving back.

About The Guest:

Meet Atalaya Sergi, the visionary Executive Director of AmeriCorps Seniors. She's here to shed light on the mission and programs that have been transforming the lives of countless seniors. AmeriCorps Seniors is not just about volunteering; it's about reigniting your sense of purpose and making a lasting difference.

Adriane introduces you to the Ageless Ambassador program, a unique opportunity for high-level volunteering. This is your chance to hone and utilize your skills for causes that truly matter, and to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear in the global conversation for change.

Key Takeaways

AmeriCorps Seniors engages older adults in service to their communities with these programs:

The Foster Grandparent Program pairs volunteers with children and youth to support their academic and social-emotional development.

RSVP volunteers engage in various community-based activities, such as tutoring, mentoring, healthcare support, and environmental programs.

Senior Companions provide companionship and support to other older adults and individuals with disabilities, helping them live independently.

The Pathfinder Program helps individuals find volunteer opportunities in their local communities.

Ageless Ambassador Program is available to all members of the Ageless Traveler Facebook Salon. Please Get information at www.AgelessTraveler/Ageless-Ambassador/

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