Your Ticket to Affordable Air Travel

By Ezmeralda Bluggage*:


Imagine booking a long-haul flight to your dream destination at a fraction of the regular cost.

This scenario may sound too good to be accurate, but it's a reality for those who know about "error fares."

Error fares are a budget-savvy traveler's best-kept secret, offering deeply discounted airline tickets when airlines make online pricing mistakes. This article explores error fares, how to find them, and which websites are the best for spotting these golden opportunities.

What Are Error Fares?

Error fares, also known as mistake fares or glitch fares, are airline ticket prices significantly lower than the intended fare due to a technical or human error. These mistakes can occur while inputting pricing data, currency conversions, or updating fares. While airlines typically honor these fares, they are not obligated to, and passengers booking them do so at their own risk.

How to Find Error Fares

  1. Airfare Deal Websites: Numerous websites specialize in scouring the internet for error fares and notifying subscribers when they find one. Some of the best error fare websites include:
    • The Flight Deal ( This website is renowned for sharing mistake fares and covers domestic and international flights. Their team consistently curates a list of the best deals.
    • Secret Flying ( Secret Flying offers a user-friendly platform to track error fares. They categorize deals by region and provide timely email and social media alerts.
    • FareCompare ( FareCompare's Deal Finder tool is an excellent resource for identifying error fares. It allows you to set your departure city, budget, and travel period to receive customized fare alerts.
    • Fly4Free ( This platform keeps travelers in the loop about error fares, last-minute deals, and frequent flyer news. Subscribing to their newsletter ensures you never miss out on a great deal.
  2. Online Forums and Communities: Joining online travel communities like FlyerTalk and Reddit's r/Flights is a fantastic way to hear about error fares directly from fellow travelers. Members often share the latest deals, providing real-time updates.
  3. Flight Search Engines: Utilize flight search engines like Google Flights, Skyscanner, and Kayak, which allow you to set up fare alerts. These tools can help you track price drops and sudden discounts, potentially spotting error fares as they occur.

Tips for Securing Error Fares

  1. Act Quickly: Error fares disappear fast. Don't hesitate to book as soon as you spot one, as airlines may correct the error within hours or even minutes.
  2. Double-Check: Verify the fare and booking details before confirming your purchase. Ensure that no additional charges or restrictions might make the deal less appealing.
  3. Use Miles and Points: If part of a frequent flyer program, consider using miles or points to book the error fare. This can help protect you if the airline doesn't honor the mistake fare.
  4. Follow Airlines on Social Media: Some airlines announce error fares through their social media channels. Keeping an eye on their updates can give you a head start in securing a deal.
  5. Travel Light: Error fares may not include checked baggage, so be prepared to pack light or pay extra for checked luggage.


Error fares are an incredible opportunity for travelers seeking budget-friendly adventures. You can be among the lucky few who snag incredibly cheap flights by staying vigilant and utilizing the right tools and resources. Remember that while airlines usually honor these fares, there's no guarantee, so book quickly and be prepared to adapt your travel plans if necessary. With the help of error fare websites and the tips in this article, you can make the most of these rare travel deals and explore the world without breaking the bank. Happy travels!


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*Ezmeralda Bluggage is the name of a puppet and imaginary companion I created when I was in first grade. Note that even then her name was a variation of mine, B for Berg and Luggage, for Luggage. I resurrect that name with great joy as the author of the occasional AI generated Travel Stories. Esmeralda was a no-nonsense puppet made of a Spalding ball head and yarn hair and a never-ending wardrobe of whatever I could find. I hope she will help me personalize my AI assisted blogs so I can get you factual info out fast and furiously.

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