I am so excited to share a special bonus show on the Ageless Traveler podcast. Meet Linda, an adventurous grandmother in her eighties who has been a globetrotting companion to her grandchildren since their early years. Linda's journey is an inspiration for those seeking to create unforgettable travel experiences with their grandkids. In this episode, she shares her invaluable insights and tips for traveling with grandchildren.

Linda's travel odyssey began when her granddaughters were just three weeks old, and she hasn't stopped crafting memorable trips ever since. Her philosophy is simple but profound: Linda generously covers accommodation costs while her grandkids take care of their travel expenses.

What sets Linda apart is her emphasis on incorporating her grandkids into her lifestyle. Whether bonding over the stove, exploring the great outdoors, or even sharing chores, Linda believes integrating grandkids into daily life is the secret to meaningful journeys. She encourages grandparents to be courageous and make irresistible offers, like the promise of a memorable trip when the grandkids reach a specific age.

In addition to her travel wisdom, Linda shares a heart-pounding swimming incident showcasing her granddaughter's resilience and determination. This story underscores the idea that despite challenges, the rewards of traveling with grandkids far outweigh any mishaps.

Key Takeaways

  1. Early Adventures: Linda's experience underscores the Importance of initiating your travel adventures with grandkids at an early age to create lasting memories.
  2. Fearless Offers: Learn from Linda's story - be real and bold when making offers to travel with your grandchildren.
  3. Sometimes parents may be hesitant to let grandparents travel with their kids. Linda's advice? Make an offer they can't refuse! She promised her granddaughters a trip to Paris when they turned 10, and it turned out to be an incredible adventure
  4. Incorporating Family: Discover the significance of involving grandkids in your daily life, whether it's through shared activities or even mundane chores.
  5. Resilience Amidst Challenges: Linda's swimming incident tale highlights how the benefits of traveling with grandkids go beyond any difficulties that may arise.