Showcasing diverse exhibitors, speakers, and entertainment


The Travel and Adventure Show in New York City, held on January 27th and 28th, showcased diverse exhibitors, speakers, and entertainment, making it a must-attend event for travel enthusiasts. Among the standout attractions were the vibrant costumes, dances, fetival reenactment, and crafts of many countries, adding a touch of cultural flair to the attendee experience.

Taiwan, China, emerged as a hub for wellness and culinary adventures, captivating attendees with its incredible offerings. From rejuvenating spa experiences to delectable culinary delights, Taiwan proved to be a destination for sightseeing and indulging the senses.

For those seeking the thrill of the wild, the event featured various company safari trips. The options were extensive, catering to adventurers with different preferences and levels of experience.

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Dive and adventure travel companies also made a significant presence, offering underwater exploration and adrenaline-pumping opportunities. Whether it was scuba diving in exotic locations or embarking on daring outdoor adventures, the show had something for every adventure seeker.

Tourist boards from around the globe, including Spain, Japan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, were on hand to showcase the unique attractions of their respective destinations. The historic Borghi cities of Italy were represented, inviting attendees to explore the rich cultural heritage of these charming locales.

Fiji made a compelling presentation, unveiling its thrilling adventures and pristine landscapes. Japan was well-represented, with Japan Airlines and Japan Trains Travel providing insights into the country's efficient and expansive transportation network. The prefectures of Japan showcased their unique offerings, giving attendees a comprehensive look at the diverse experiences available.

Esteemed speakers such as Rick Steves, Peter Greenberg, and other notable personalities shared their travel insights on the main stage. The event featured entertainers, singers, and presenters across four open classrooms, covering topics ranging from cruising to the art of becoming a travel influencer.

The Travel and Adventure Show in NYC truly lived up to its promise of being an immersive experience, offering a glimpse into the world of travel through a diverse and exciting lens.

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