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In this travel story, I  introduce you to The Ageless Traveler so you know what to expect each week as we post our podcasts and blogs and hold live Facebook Salons.

We are all about fun, friendship, adventure, and contribution. No, we're not a typical travel show. We highlight exceptional destinations and offer guidance through our guests and resources to ensure you start traveling and never stop traveling.

I'm a travel addict, as you can tell. I've been to 110 countries and don't mean to stop now!

Why do we offer a Facebook Salon, and why do I call it a salon and not a Facebook Group? A salon conjures up a living room filled with people talking to each other about art, why they love theater and their travel life experiences. At our Facebook Salon, you can tell your travel stories and hear from others. Please visit, look at our Travel Stories, and see our editorial policies so you can express your voice through your stories.

Friendship is the key to lifelong travel.

The Ageless Traveler brings people together, whether armchair or active travelers. And we continue to be friends through our weekly salons and webinars.

Have you ever been on a trip, met people you like, and then lost contact with them? Well, that will not happen when you travel with us.

There's so much to know about travel. Health, Money, Safety, Hidden Treasures, and Sustainability come to mind.

Whether it's how to stay healthy, what to eat, what to see, or how to pay for it, I have access to a battalion of experts to answer your questions, speak to you directly, and show you how to travel best.

I'm a culture vulture. 

We are not travel agents or tour guides but have selected and curated the best trips for you. They will be ongoing, allowing you to meet each other and the people of foreign countries and domestically when we travel from State to State.

I love art, museums, and performances and will report to you on what's happening worldwide. Festivals, music, food, fashion and more.

Meet The Experts

The show's first four episodes are introductions to our fitness guru, wellness coach, spa, and hotel experts. We even have a resident gerontologist. And I'd like you to meet those advisors and listen to them.

Our introductory shows will be posted on all disseminators before our November 15th launch. All of our EXPERTS podcasts are only about ten minutes long. You can ask our experts questions on iTunes, Spotify, Ageless Traveler contact page, and we will answer them on the show.

Find all of our disseminators on our podcast page and instructions on listening and leaving a review. Or listen right from our website. We mobilized the website so you can listen on the phone, too.

As for our show's structure, it's simple.

I interview authors, experts, and travel insiders on every show. Then, we do a Zoom video with our guests and place it on our YouTube channel. I also added my videos, which are usually hints and tips on travel or better aging.

Sometimes, I rant and rave when the world does not strike me right. I offer news you can use about healthy travel, making money from travel, writing memoirs, safety, and breaking news. We also offer hints, tips, money savers, and other ways to become an insider and travel more.

Our Trips 

We offer river Cruises, Retreats, and Land Tours.

For example,  

  • In October 2024, we hope you join us on a quest to see Iceland's magical Northern Lights.
  • In May 2024, to Portugal and the Azores
  • In 2025, Safari in Kenya and South Africa
  • Every year, cruises on the Danube, Moselle, Mekong, and Douro

Get all the information at this website and download our brochures…they can be shared with friends.

The Ageless Traveler belongs to you.

We can plan book clubs, culinary experiences, travel fashion shows, festival travel, mindfulness, and beauty retreats. IF THAT INTERESTS YOU, TELL US WHAT YOU WANT IN OUR FACEBOOK SALON.

And now I have a request for you. Follow us on iTunes, Spotify, or any other podcast disseminator you use, and review our show. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Tell your friends about us. Ask any of the questions you want on our website contact page. Or better yet, Join our free Facebook Salon and talk to us live.

Never Stop Traveling!

Get on our Ageless Traveler List for discounts on trips, products, and services.

Get early access to special trips so you never miss out on the deals you want.

Get invitations to unique events and happenings.

We will not send you annoying sales emails, will not share your information and will only alert you to worthwhile GOODIES!


Yes...I would like the Goodies

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