Elena Popova Lamb is a fitness guru and an advisory expert on The Ageless Traveler podcast. She helps people stay fit even when traveling by incorporating exercise into everyday activities.

In this episode, we take you on a three-minute relaxation meditation, discuss hacks for staying fit while traveling, and share tips on exercising without a gym or equipment.

Elena emphasizes the benefits of stretching and light exercising to relieve stress and stiffness. She guides you through a simple neck stretch exercise that can be done while sitting in a chair.

Elena emphasizes the Importance of allowing your body to move positively and beneficially, even while traveling. Adriane and Elena discuss the benefits of walking for longevity and introduce a nonprofit organization called Free Walkers that offers walking events and resources.

The episode invites you to join the complimentary Ageless Traveler's Facebook Salon AND receive exclusive Gifts like Elena's fitness video to download when you travel. Members can ask our advisors and guests questions. "Ageless Traveler is not just a podcast, a blog, or a Facebook Salon. We're a movement for lasting relationship ways to contribute throughout our lives and preparedness for the fabulous decades ahead."

You will also discover a walking event in March 2024 with the Freewalkers organization. > "The geroscientists I hang out with tell me that walking is the number one activity for longevity."

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