A Journey with Susan Sommers


In today's fast-paced society, finding inner harmony and a sense of direction can be akin to seeking a needle in a haystack. Yet Susan Sommers offers a compass through her insightful perspectives on cultivating a balanced and purposeful life. As she reveals in a recent candid discussion, there's more to achieving equilibrium than ticking off a to-do list; it's an amalgamation of routine, travel, and the simple act of walking. This conversation unpacks the layers of internal empowerment Sommers advocates, revealing a path where travel, routine, and walking merge into a roadmap for a fulfilled life.

Key Takeaways

  • The Power of Routine: Building a consistent daily routine, especially amidst the challenges of COVID-19, can lay the foundation for a balanced life.
  • Travel as Experience: Incorporating walking into travel isn't just about sightseeing - it's about immersing oneself in the local culture and environment.
  • Walking with Purpose: Walking goes beyond the physical; it is a catalyst for emotional clarity, spiritual connection, and a channel for embracing the moment.

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The Transformational Impact of Daily Routines

Building a structured daily routine has transformative effects on one's life. Susan Sommers testifies to the power of consistency, which became particularly poignant during the COVID-19 pandemic. She comments, "It's enabled me before I even walk out the door… to ensure that I get fresh air and sun in the morning." Starting the day with meditation, breakfast, online fitness classes, and walking ensures Sommers begins her day with a sense of achievement. As Sommers puts it, embracing a routine is "the biggest change for me." This paradigm shift to regularity isn't just a physical discipline; it's a form of internal empowerment that sets the tone for a balanced and purpose-driven day.

Consistency is vital, not just for physical health, but for nurturing a purposeful life. As Stu points out, "We're learning that for a purposeful life, you do have to be consistent." This consistency enables individuals to establish a rhythm that resonates beyond daily activities, influencing overall well-being and life satisfaction.

Walking as the Gateway to Authentic Travel Experiences

Integrating walking into travel practices embodies a holistic approach to exploring new destinations. Susan Sommers emphasizes the benefits of walking right after arriving, stating, "It's a great way to discover restaurants and shops, often off the beaten track." She extols the virtues of seeking walking maps from hotels, engaging in local walking tours, and even simply wandering without a fixed agenda as critical methods for travelers to connect genuinely with their surroundings.

This approach allows individuals to shift from passive sightseeing to active, experiential engagement with the environment. Stu echoes this belief by asserting that through walking, "you'll go there as if you are a local." Such practices offer physical exercise and foster self-presence and connection with the world. From getting the lay of the land to uncovering hidden gems, this immersive method transforms an ordinary trip into an enriching journey.

The Multilayered Benefits of Walking

Walking extends beyond the dimensions of a simple locomotive activity; it emerges as an instrument of emotional relief and spiritual awakening. Susan Sommers describes her experience walking through a ravine near her home: "Just being in the ravine enables me to feel connected to nature… It just makes me breathe in and out."

By sharing these personal anecdotes, Sommers illuminates how walking acts as an emotional salve, aiding in times of stress, such as when dealing with her mother's Alzheimer's. She emphasizes that it's "definitely more than walking," presenting it as a critical emotional processing and reflection tool.

The practice is not only interwoven with natural experiences but is also an effective method to confront life's challenges. Walking serves as a journey within a journey, guiding individuals toward a tranquil state of mind and offering solace from the turmoils of daily life.

A Recapitulation of the Power of Habits and the Magic of Walking

In drawing from the wisdom of Sommers and her philosophy, we are reminded that the tapestry of a balanced life is woven with the threads of consistent routine, immersive travel experiences, and the intentional act of walking. Sommers' advice, deeply rooted in her endeavors as an entrepreneur and a philosopher of daily living, suggests that empowerment stems from within and radiates outward through our interactions with the world. This narrative encourages us to stride confidently on our paths. It beckons us to share these strides with those walking alongside us, whether they be family, friends, or the environmental backdrop against which we set our lives.

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