Let's beat the post-holiday blues with BLUES MUSIC from eminent jazz singer Angie Wells. If you love cabaret, jazz, and songs with a message, take a journey with me and celebrity makeup artist and recording diva Angie Wells. We discuss Angie's personal journey and inspiring transition from the world of makeup to pursuing her passion for music. She shares her love for jazz and how it has influenced her life. Angie also talks about her latest album, "Truth Be Told," which addresses civil rights and other significant advocacy themes.

As a favor to me, Angie reveals makeup tips for older skin and emphasizes the importance of self-care and sunscreen for men.

I disclose my latest trip to Las Vegas and explore the new immersive Vegas experiences tailor-made for The Ageless Traveler. If you like Vegas but don't gamble, I have terrific tips for spending your day or evening at MEOW WOLF, ARTE Museum, and more.

About the Guest: Angie Wells is a multi-talented artist who has made a name for herself in both jazz music and makeup artistry. With a natural love for jazz, Angie's passion for the genre was nurtured by her father, who exposed her to music from an early age. As a makeup artist, Angie has worked on popular shows like AMC's Mad Men and films like Harriet. She has also released her jazz album titled "Truth Be Told" and continues to captivate audiences with her beautiful voice and powerful messages.


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For more of Angie, https://www.angiewellsmusic.com

New York Jazz Sites:


For favorite Las Vegas Attractions:

Meow Wolf, meowwolf.com

Arte Museum,  https://lasvegas.artemuseum.com/


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