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You are invited to share your story with a captivated audience for 40 minutes on the Ageless Traveler podcast. Our platform offers ample time to dive deep into your experiences, insights, and expertise, making it a remarkable opportunity for guests.

The reach of our podcast is extensive, as we distribute it across all major podcast platforms, including Google Podcasts, iTunes, Anchor, Libsyn, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocketcasts, Radio Public, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and Sensory. This extensive dissemination ensures that your message reaches the mature market, wherever they prefer to tune in.

But that's not all - we connect you with business travelers through BizTalk Radio and its app, broadening your reach even further.

For those who prefer visual content, we create a 2-minute video from your interview, perfect for sharing on YouTube, email, and various social media channels. Additionally, a 20-minute Zoom interview complements the audio recording and is uploaded to our YouTube Channel, enhancing your online presence.

We don't stop there. Your episode is prominently shared with our vast social media following, which includes 6,000 LinkedIn followers and connections. We engage with the mature business and consumer travel audience on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, further amplifying your message.



Adriane is a New York Times Age Boom Fellow and freelance journalist, as well as a travel contributor to and the National Association of Baby Boomer Women.

Plus, her travel and aging blogs have appeared on Bottom Line Personal.



Your appearance on our podcast continues to have an impact long after it airs. We archive every episode on and feature it on our podcast page for an entire week, ensuring that your story remains accessible to new and returning listeners.

To foster engagement and interaction, we encourage our listeners to leave voice messages with questions for our guests. You can respond in writing, address them on the air during subsequent shows, or choose not to answer - it's all up to you.

As an added bonus, we create an original article centered around your podcast topic, featuring quotes and information from our discussion. This article is then published on our website, shared in our LinkedIn Newsletter, and discussed in our weekly Facebook Salon Group, giving your message further exposure and longevity.

Becoming a guest on the Ageless Traveler podcast is an opportunity to have your voice heard, share your insights, and connect with a broad, engaged audience that values the unique perspectives you bring. Join us and experience the many benefits we offer to our esteemed guests.

Meet Your Host

Adriane Berg, is an Influencer and Experienced Message Crafter

Step into the dynamic world of Adriane Berg, an Emmy-winning TV and radio personality turned professional podcast host and creative. Her current lineup of podcasts, which includes "The Ageless Traveler," "Generation Bold," and "On the Ground" (the United Nations NGO Executive Committee's podcast), is a natural extension of her radio, TV, and spokesperson career.

Adriane is a distinguished New York Times Age Boom Fellow, a prestigious honor conferred by the International Longevity Center under the esteemed legacy of the late Pulitzer Prize laureate Dr. Robert Butler. With her unmistakable presence and resonant voice, she has emerged as a prominent figure in travel writing, speaking directly to the hearts of Baby Boomers and the vibrant older generation.

Adriane's journey as a talk show host began on WMCA radio, and she continued to make waves on WABC radio, eventually gaining syndication on the illustrious Westwood One network. She cemented her status as an Emmy Award-winning host and writer through the immensely popular "IRS Tax Beat," a television series that graced screens on FNN, CNN Business, and the Learning Channel's "Money Talks." Adriane is also the acclaimed author of thirteen compelling books and twice a National Librarians Award winner.

Her foray into the world of travel writing commenced in 2004 with a column in "Journal America," later gracing the pages of "Spectrum Magazine" and "Balance Magazine." Adriane's travel adventures have taken her to mesmerizing destinations, all at the personal invitation of Ministers of Tourism. From the enchanting realms of Malaysia and Portugal to the mysterious allure of Panama, Zambia, Uzbekistan, and China, she has spun tales that transport readers to far-flung locales. Her captivating work extends to freelance travel columns and articles, with highlights including the enchanting Cat Museum of Kuching and her contributions to "Cat Fancy Magazine."

Adriane Berg's media journey has also seen her share her insights and charisma on iconic shows like "OPRAH," "Regis," and "Good Morning America." As a multi-talented personality, she is influential in media and travel, inviting us all to explore the world through her exceptional lens.

Meet Adriane's Readers, Viewers, and Listeners

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Ageless Travelers are experienced travelers. They travel to exotic locals, seeking new experiences, great food, and superior lodgings. Ageless Travelers travel independently and in groups, on girlfriend tours, for second marriages or honeymoons, and with grandchildren or their older parents. But they are constantly seeking what is beyond the ordinary and predictable.

The Ageless Traveler is the experienced, more sophisticated Traveler, comprised of "boomers" and active adults who are ardent tourists and business travelers. They have traveled all their lives and have no intention of stopping because of age. In fact, after retirement, they choose to travel as their number one activity.