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Unlocking the Benefits of a Wellness Coach for Healthier Travel

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So, what exactly is a wellness coach?

According to Risa Olinsky, a Certified Wellness Coach and a member of the Ageless Traveler's Advisory Board, a wellness coach is a professional who works with individuals on their total health and wellness. To design a personalized program, a wellness coach considers various aspects of a person's life, such as sleep, diet, lifestyle, and travel habits. The goal is to look at the total person and address any areas of improvement or concern.

Wellness Coaches go under vigorous training and study through a variety of programs. Always determine the certification program of any Wellness Coach you consider. See how they were trained in healthy lifestyle, improvement, and maintenance.

Are you ready for a new wellness routine?

As we age, many of us have sacrificed our health for the sake of our careers and taking care of others. This often leads to weight gain, health issues, and neglecting our well-being. That's where a wellness coach comes in. They can help us regain control of our health and make positive changes, regardless of age or current condition.


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One of the reasons people over 50 seek out a wellness coach is because they want to reclaim their health and prioritize self-care. They may have neglected their well-being for years, and now they are ready to make a change. Risa explains that many of her clients have gained weight, developed arthritis or joint problems, and struggled with sleep issues. These are all areas that a wellness coach can address and help improve.

Goal Setting is Part of Self-Care

But what about physical limitations? Risa herself has had a knee replacement, yet she was able to participate in a triathlon shortly after her surgery. How did she do it? Risa believes setting goals is vital to staying motivated and pushing ourselves to achieve more. By signing up for a triathlon or any athletic event, we give ourselves something to work towards and look forward to. It provides a sense of purpose and a target to strive for.

Age is Not a Barrier to Wellness.

She started her triathlon journey at age 54 and has continued participating in athletic events ever since. She believes we can do almost anything at any age if we approach it with the right mindset and care for our bodies. Of course, listening to our bodies and seeking medical approval when necessary is essential, but there is no age limit to what we can achieve.

A Wellness Coach Can Keep Ageless Travelers On Track with Exercise and Nutritional Consistency

Regarding active travel, Risa encourages consistency in our wellness routines. Whether we're at home or on the road, it's important to prioritize our health and stay active. Even if we live in a flat area with limited hiking opportunities, there are still ways to stay consistent. Risa suggests finding local walking trails or parks, joining walking groups, or even engaging in virtual walking or hiking activities. The key is to keep moving and prioritize wellness, no matter where we are.

Regarding preparing for a trip, Risa recommends training consistently and being mindful of our limitations. It's essential to know our bodies and what we're capable of to challenge ourselves and step out of our comfort zones. She advises researching the elevations and terrains of our destination and mentally preparing ourselves for the physical demands of the trip. By setting realistic goals and staying positive, we can make the most of our travel experiences and continue to prioritize our wellness.

Reclaim Your Health Through Active Travel

With the guidance of a wellness coach like Risa Olinsky, we can reclaim our health, set goals, and push ourselves to achieve more. It's critical to stay consistent in our wellness routines, even when traveling, and approach each new adventure positively. By prioritizing our well-being and staying active, we can truly become ageless travelers and enjoy a lifetime of exploration and wellness.

Ageless Traveler is Here to Support You

As we look to the future, the Ageless Traveler community will continue to provide resources, support, and inspiration for all who seek to make lifelong travel a reality. Through our Facebook Salon, online meetings, and expert advice, we will empower each other never to stop traveling and to embrace the joy of active exploration at any age.

Risa Olinsky is the President of Freewalkers, a non-profit dedicated to health and friendship through long-distance walking. Ageless Traveler offers a complementary session with Risa to determine if a Wellness Coach is right for you. Join our Facebook Salon to receive these and other benefits. Hear more interviews of Risa on  and on Generation Bold: The Fountain of Truth About Aging podcasts on, iTunes, Spotify, and other disseminators.

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