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Peter Anderson, a seasoned Ageless Traveler Advisory Board member, boasts a wealth of experience advising top hotels and spas on design and treatment services. Previously, with Hotel and Hospitality at Deloitte and as a professor of Hotel Management in LA, Peter worked with hotels to advise them in creating a seamless spa experience for guests.

Peter is available to answer personal questions on hotels and spas for members of our Ageless Traveler Facebook Salon, including an exclusive webinar for those traveling with the Ageless Traveler and Colette Tours to Iceland in 2024 on a quest to see the Northern Lights and visit the famed Blue Lagoon.

Featured Quote:

"When we travel, we do it to get a sense of awe and wonder. And sometimes that pulls me out of my comfort zone." - Peter Anderson.

Episode Summary:

In this captivating episode of the Ageless Traveler Podcast, our host dives into the world of spa treatments and age-friendly hotels with the esteemed Peter Anderson. With his extensive hotel and spa advisory background, Peter shares valuable insights into what makes a traveler's experience truly exceptional. From hydrotherapy to the wonders of steam rooms and saunas,

Peter unravels the secrets to relaxation and rejuvenation. He emphasizes the vital role of hotel concierge services, providing travelers with personalized recommendations and unforgettable experiences.

Peter highlights the burgeoning trend of mindfulness in wellness travel, backed by scientific research demonstrating the profound connection between thoughts, feelings, and physiology. Discover Peter's favorite spa experience at a Japanese soaking spa and learn why curating experiences is paramount for older travelers seeking adventure and wellness.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Hydrotherapy is the go-to spa treatment for Ageless Travelers, offering relaxation and muscle-relieving benefits.
  2. Steam rooms and saunas offer similar benefits to hydrotherapy and are ideal for decompressing and unwinding.
  3. Concierge hotel services are indispensable for Ageless Travelers, delivering personalized recommendations and unique experiences.
  4. Mindfulness is a growing trend in wellness travel, backed by scientific evidence supporting the connection between thoughts, feelings, and physiology.
  5. Hotels must prioritize creating a safe and welcoming environment to attract ageless travelers and ensure a positive experience.


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