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Judith Frizlen founded the Rose Garden Childhood Learning Center and has authored several books, including Where Wisdom Meets Wonder: 40 Stories of Grandma Love.

She is an expert in early childhood education and has a deep passion for fostering meaningful relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren.

Overview: In this Episode, I give you resources for Grandparents' Travel, one of the fastest-growing travel segments. I interviewed Judy Frizlen, founder of Rose Garden Childhood Learning Center and author of "Where Wisdom Meets Wonder," to discuss this growing trend. We explore the importance of building a solid relationship with grandchildren from an early age, the role of grandparents in guiding and supporting children, and the joy of sharing travel experiences together. Judy emphasizes flexibility, authenticity, and open-mindedness when traveling with grandchildren. She also offers tips for navigating parents' concerns and creating lasting memories with grandchildren.

Judy shares her firsthand experiences as a grandmother and offers valuable insights on how to pave the way for travel with grandchildren. Judy and Adriane discuss the profound significance of grandparents in shaping how children view aging and the world around them. The conversation explores the role of both grandmothers and grandfathers in creating lasting bonds with grandchildren and the joy of sharing new experiences.

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Grandparent Travel Checklist

***Grandparent Travel Tips-with over a dozen resources for where to take grandchildren

Mommy Poppins-where to find child-friendly things to do

Martinique Lewis-Black Travel Greenbook App

Adriane's favorite Judy Frizlen quotes to inspire and motivate:  

"One of the things I focus on with aging is not the changes in my skin and hair color, but the things I'm gaining. And one of them is wisdom."

"You have to remain flexible. If the child is interested in fishing, don't have a clear idea of how that looks, allow them to explore it and find their way to it."

"Children are the truth tellers. They know if you're putting on a show if you're pretending."

"Children are the truth tellers. They know if you're putting on a show if you're pretending."

"Parents love anybody who loves their children well."



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