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The Travelers' Mind

By Guest Blogger, Pilar Sanchez*:

travelers mind

Last November, I went on a week-long journey to explore my life's purpose in MEA. The workshop was amazing, and the most wonderful compadres to sail along. Short of any cliché, the week was life-shaking.

One day in our Wisdom Circle, searching for a way to describe my state of Mind, I said I was experiencing a "Traveler's Mind."  The Traveler's Mind is the feeling you have when you wake up during a trip, and the day ahead is gorgeous and relaxing, and only new things await.

When we travel, we feel, act, and look different. Being on the road influences our modes and our moods. The bag we pack, the clothes we choose, the anticipation, and the planning all change us for the better.

We wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead, put on our planned outfits, choose from our varied options, and head out. Researching the best latte and brunch has been done, or, even better, you will be surprised. Either way, you shine going towards that café.

If you're like me, you have a mental list of things to do and places to see. My traveling mantra is "Squeeze every minute, walk all the steps, see all the sights. Being tired is the last option."  Even when things get challenging, I remain positive and focused on the joy of the journey.

As the days pass, you discover new parts of yourself in Paris, Tokyo, or Baja. Traveler's Mind is present throughout the day, and you evolve effortlessly.

Eventually, the trip comes to an end, and we come home to our routines. Odds are that we slide back into habits and ways of thinking, losing some of the momentum we gained on the trip.

My proposal that day in Circle was to adopt the Traveler's Mindset in our daily lives, to plan our days with purpose, and to seek out awe-inspiring experiences every day. To bring our best selves out the door every day, taking each step with intention and making the most of every moment…enjoying that latte every time.

Midlife is a time of reflection and resetting goals and priorities. Traveling is purposeful by nature, so let's become travelers in this beautiful part of life. Traveler's Mindset can help us find purpose and joy every day, creating a life filled with adventure and meaning. As life becomes shorter, we need to appreciate each day even more.

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*Pilar Sanchez is the Owner and Chief Culture & Happiness Officer of Diseño y Metalmecánica (, a company making stamped parts for the Automotive Industry with the happiest employees in the land. She is a MEA alum on Purpose. MEA, Modern Elder Academy is the BAJA ABD Santa Fe venue for life reimagined, founded by Chip Conely, famed for Airbnb. Like myself, Pilar is an alum. For more information about MEA, please visit our contact page and leave your message and email.
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