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The Ageless Traveler podcast, speaks with Sharon Rose, a Social Gerontologist, about the profound impact of travel on intergenerational relationships and its role in combatting ageism.

Key Takeaways

  • Gerontology, the study of aging from birth to death, primarily focuses on the 50 and over age group.

  • Intergenerational relationships play a pivotal role in challenging ageism and transforming perceptions of aging.

  • Travel is a powerful tool for shattering stereotypes and fostering connections among individuals of different age groups.

  • Travel offers older adults opportunities for social interaction and new experiences, effectively combating isolation.

  • For older travelers, meticulous planning and preparation are vital to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey.


  1. American Society on Aging: An organization dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and skills of those working with older adults..
  2. The Gerontological Society of America: A professional organization focused on studying aging.
  3. Intergenerational Programs and Benefits: An article from the American Psychological Association discusses the benefits of intergenerational programs.
  4. Bottom Line Personal Interview with Adriane Berg growing old gracefully and in community

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