This episode is the second in our 3-part series on Caregiver Travel. If you are a family caregiver or have mild dementia, our guest Dr. Carol Sargent will guide you to travel worry free.

Dr. Carol Sargent is a pioneer in the field of travel for individuals with cognitive disabilities, such as dementia, and their caregivers.. Her consultancy is dedicated to tailoring travel solutions for those affected by dementia, offering advice and specialized support services to ensure that travel remains accessible and enjoyable.

Episode Summary:

Traveling can be a rewarding experience, but for caregivers and those with cognitive challenges like dementia, it can present unique obstacles. In this episode, Adriane is joined by Dr. Carol Sargent, an expert committed to making travel accessible and fulfilling for this community. Carol’s innovative consultancy, Sargent Group Consulting, offers tailored advice and services to break down barriers to travel, addressing common concerns, and providing practical solutions.

Carol dives into the complexities that individuals and caregivers face when exploring the possibility of travel, sharing insight into the most common concerns—anxiety about what could go wrong on a trip and the challenge of incontinence. With compassionate understanding and strategic planning, Carol’s expert advice demystifies these worries, offering viable options that instill confidence. From companion services to personalized emergency plans, Carol illustrates the myriad ways travel can still be achieved with dignity and joy.




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